Who we are

Valente Group
growing into the future

We guarantee continuity of production even in the most difficult situations.
We offer tailor-made internal backup technical solutions.

Italian experience

VALENTE Group was born in 2016 from the merger between Lorena Valente Sas and Valente 2 Srl, companies that have operated for over 30 years in the specialized field of surface treatments for metal components.

The company has been managed by the Carosso family for generations, and thanks to the long experience, seriousness and professionalism, in recent years the group has been growing continuously, and establishing business relationships with important brands of industrial supplies and the various car and truck makers worldwide. The ownership firmly within the company while being projected towards modern technologies and new marketing techniques, continues to want to be the supplier intended as a “one-time” strength of the production chain for its customers.


Our commitment, our value

The commitment and constant desire to develop new services has allowed us to have an important turning point and a prominent position in the Italian scenario.

We work with passion and great attention in terms of quality and environment