Quality and environment


Maximum efficiency and green approach

A team of professionals to follow the customer from the early stages of the order to the final shipment.

Starting from 2018 Valente has developed a body dedicated to “Research and Development” to focus its attention on new technologies by developing a “Green” approach. Also actively participating in moments of discussion at national and international level to be always updated on new emerging technologies.

We work every day to improve our performance but always respecting our planet by choosing the materials with the utmost attention and controlling the processes.

A commitment that
we translate into factual data

Implant of water treatments

New implant of depuration to improve the environmental impact

New chemical technologies

Application of technologies of phosphatic conversion with high performance and low energetic impact

Anti-corrosion campaign

First bath of cataphoresis in europe with the new technology of best cover the edges

Laboratory test

Internal laboratory with specialized staff, internal monitoring and tests approved by OEM